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You may or may not have seen my previous post about why it is hard being a beginner. Upon reflection, I have realised that it is not only about the learning curve but also the will to start it especially if you are addicted to social media apps like me… I use tiktok for like most of the day and honestly that is not good. Even though I acknowledge that I am addicted to tiktok it is kind of hard to stop especially when you just have pockets of time like when you are waiting for the bus. For example, a few months ago I tried deleting instagram but I realised I don’t really have anything to do when I have these small pockets of time and I get bored which makes me want to install instagram again. It’s not like i can whip out a book while waiting for the bus that would be arriving soon. I mean I could… but that is a lot of effort. And with tiktok it kinda is a hobby at I do enjoy making tiktoks especially like a day in the life tiktok and I just post it for myself and my friends. It is fun! But anyway the point I am trying to make is that sometimes it is hard to start a hobby when like you can easily receive instant gratification at your fingertips. It makes it hard to sustain a hobby especially if the gratification is delayed. Even if you do not need to be good at a hobby, it does take effort to start a hobby. And if starting the hobby means delayed gratification, one might just forgo the hobby. And it is definitely a reality in today’s world. During orientation, a common question would be “What is your hobby?” and most people would give answers like watching NetFlix or taking naps (yes for some reason taking naps is a common hobby these days and yes I am guilty of it). Thus, social media is definitely impacting this. But also encouraging it. Like these few days I have been coming across tiktoks on crocheting as well as on making cute trinket dishes. These tiktoks have definitely inspired me and I have ordered the supplies on shopee! So I hope these can be my new hobbies!

And honestly many factors play a part in why it has been difficult for me to sustain a hobby and I will talk about it more in my later posts!

A University student in Singapore.